Micro RC Helicopter with Onboard Camera!

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This Protocol Flix micro RC heli has a small video camera attached to the bottom. It includes a 2gb micro sd card for up to an hour of video recording! For b...


earthling1984 says:

You can get helis like this for about $50 online. They usually cost more around $75 to $100 in stores locally.

Jared Berger says:

How much?

vertrees2 says:

The balance you’ve achieved with the camera to produce such a nice film is great! Mine always come out jumpy…

Israel Talavera says:

I have this model and it flies like crap!!! I’m having a very difficult time controlling the “hovering.” It just goes up/down too easily, and too often. I’m not new flying either and have other helis and don’t have that problem with them. Is mine defective? I want to return, it’s that bad. Otherwise, I like it. Just hard to control hovering. Anyone else have this problem?

Israel Talavera says:

I got mine at Best Buy and I paid about $60.00 for it.

zamain brown says:

Can u do a give away with this I can’t find it in my area lol

TheLanny101 says:

make another video of samsung galaxy s4

REESYBOY2468 says:

ok i willl try and look on ebay or amazon

earthling1984 says:

It was an xmas gift, I’m not sure :(

REESYBOY2468 says:

How much was it and where was it from

earthling1984 says:

Actually I was wrong… I made 5 animal videos in the last 4 days.

earthling1984 says:

Yes… I’ve made 4 animal videos within the last 4 days! Of course, animal videos always come on my channel, and with 4 in the last 4 days I’m amazed you even asked :)

andy huertas says:

are you going to make any more animal videos

andy huertas says:

are yougoing

earthling1984 says:

yes i am

Nicolas Otala says:

Are you thinking of someday trying out FPV?

Nicolas Otala says:

There are even smaller helicopters out their that can be pretty much flown anywhere no matter how windy it gets! The Nano Cpx, for example, has no flybar making it easy to fly in the wind.

George Arthur says:

yes,nice helicopter.

Andrew Winwood says:

are u a hoarder

earthling1984 says:

no, coaxial helicopters don’t do well in any wind, especially small ones. It would fly outdoors but only if it was very calm/no wind.

Daniel Ortiz says:

You wouldn’t recommend flying this outdoors, would you?

jaa ulloa says:

Try spying on your neighbors window with this, record them taking a dump

Tiago Pereira says:

To the girls locker room !!!!!!!!!!!!

OjOscar100 says:

Nice Room !

earthling1984 says:

haven’t had that happen yet

Dusty Croyle says:

Hey earthling1984, do you have ny robles with your copter like when you land will it sometime not tke back off?

earthling1984 says:


earthling1984 says:

no problem!

earthling1984 says:

not very far, probably 50 feet at most. flies for about 5 to 7 minutes. recharge takes about 20 minues.

MrTwister456 says:

Could you please tell me what is the maximum range at which you can control it, and how long can it be in air before a recharge?

nickIrish17 says:

David Spade is that you?

BeyCinema says:

I turn 14 today!!! :D

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