Syma Extreme S-8G R/C Helicopter (24″ Long) Unboxing

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These are the Syma Extreme S-8G $99.99 R/C helicopters that they are selling everywhere. This unit was picked up at a local Circle K Shell station. This is a...


Charley Tank says:

you only had one last 1 day wow I have crashed mine 20 times and it’s never broke. had it over 100 feet in the air the wind caught it and took it 5 blocks down the road it landed on someones house. this is not a stunt helicopter it is crash resistant to an extent however if you hit something with the blades in flight and it drops to the concrete yeah I can see it breaking. I fly in the grass at the park much softer landings. good video

Peter Parker says:

where can I buy this online, I need an exact link for this product? Please help.

Chris Hamlett says:

thats not a gyroscope its a flybar

rrigg2 says:

I was dying when I made this video. Cracking myself up! About to watch your new one now WTG101! As always appreciate the support brother!

WebTechGeniuSs101 says:

Hey cool video my friend you had me laughing when it comes to what the description said on the box lol. The light up part is cool on the RC Helicopter. By the way I have a new video up be sure to check out my new video bro ^_^

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